Customize your workstation and correct your bad posture today: 3 easy tips!

AND YOU? How do you feel today after sitting 8 long hours  at your desk and looking at your screen?

Do you know that upper and lower back muscles can suffer from a bad sitting posture?

Do you want to improve your posture today at no cost?

The following pieces of advice are meant to give you an overview of the benefits of ergonomics for your back and your health. In my future posts, I will introduce you to the basics of ergonomics with a comprehensive approach of desk-related injuries.

Tip 1: Adjust the level of you monitor

Your neck can suffer from a wrong adjustment of your monitor height. Modern monitors can be easily adapted to your accurate sight level. Check this with no delay to relieve some strain and pain caused by a wrongly placed monitor. A book or file under your screen can also do the trick!  deskwork





Tip 2: Correct your back posture

Most people tend to adopt a wrong sitting posture that cause over time upper and lower back problem. Use a pillow to keep your back straight and take care of your posture if you have the tendency to slough. Pillowchair






Tip 3: Put your feet at rest

Your overall posture can also be influenced by the way your legs are positioned. Most people tend to cross their legs which adds extra pressure to the lower back. To avoid this, you can plant your feet firmly on the floor or use a foot stool. A small box can also do magic!Footrest